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Don’t Forget Your Checkbook When You Travel

Jun 22nd, 2014 by MReed | 0

Though fewer people write checks these days that doesn’t mean the ones that you do write have to be boring.

For The Traveler

Maybe you like to travel such as taking an Alaskan fly fishing tripCheck designs can reflect landscapes or sites that you either would like to see in your lifetime for have seen and have enjoyed. Remembering your check book when you travel is a good thing; just remember to keep it in your hotel safe when not in use. Traveler’s checks are relatively universal and replaceable in the case of theft or loss. If someone gets hold of your checkbook however, now you have to deal with the bank (from wherever you are) by canceling all the checks that were remaining (provided you remember what check number you were on) and try to remember what all the checks you wrote were, before that checkbook turned up missing.

Now What Are You Going To Do?

If you were depending on that checkbook for the money you needed during travel, unless you brought the next book of checks with you–things are looking pretty bleak. If you don’t have a personal friend at your bank, you could be out of luck.

Your check book might be a good thing to have in an emergency; so absolutely, bring it with you on your trip. Just don’t depend on it.

Macau’s Motorcycle Grand Prix

Jun 18th, 2014 by MReed | 0

Just because you don’t take the chances on your motorcycle that, oh let’s say, the riders at Macau’s Motorcycle Grand Prix take doesn’t mean that you’re not going to eventually need the services of a good motorcycle accident lawyer.

It’s All About Taking Chances

Motorcycle racers take chances every day. Then again we all take chances every day; just walking out the front door of our homes can lead to a disaster that is the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you’re a motorcycle rider that doesn’t participate in professional racing such as Macau’s Motorcycle Grand Prix, but you don’t have motorcycle accident insurance; you’re taking a bigger risk than they are. Motorcycle riders are far more likely to be injured in an auto accident than any other driver of a vehicle. Don’t count on the driver of the car that didn’t see you having adequate insurance. And make sure you are up to date with your insurance by finding the best auto insurance rates.

Even Professionals Have Bad Accidents

Though professional motorcycle racers know how to handle every given situation, it isn’t always enough. If these professionals can end up injured or dead as a result of a motorcycle accident, how on earth do you think that you’re going to be any luckier? They have more than just luck on their side; they have skill and repeated experience at a level most of us can only dream of.

Taking a safety course in motorcycle driving is a great idea and can be a money saver when it comes to insurance.

Try Out Smokeless Cigarettes On A Macau Vacation

Jun 18th, 2014 by MReed | 0

Cigarette smokers really have a lot to contend with these days.  Every state has become increasingly unfriendly to smokers, giving them less and less area to feed their addiction and the government continues to raise the taxes applied to tobacco products, raising the price of cigarettes as high as ten dollars a pack or even higher, in some areas.  Because of this new hostility, it is no wonder that many people are making the decision to quit smoking and switch over to an e-cigarette.  They are less harmful and you can use them pretty much anywhere without the fear of non-smokers staring daggers at you.  For instance, if you are heading to that dream vacation in Macau, you will see just how much freedom that e-cigarette can give you.




Smoking is a terrible habit that science has continually and effectively shown causes more health problems than can even be named here.  From cancer to heart disease, to emphysema to diabetes, and plenty of other health conditions, cigarettes help you get to your grave more quickly than if you went without them.  For whatever reason, though, smokers continue to suck back that smoke and continue to die on a daily basis from complications due to the health issues caused by cigarettes.  It isn’t just the carbon monoxide in the smoke that kills you, though that does help, but also the additives that the tobacco industry has placed in those cigarettes.  From wood shaving to rat poison, there are almost more additives in a cigarette than tobacco and if you are allowing those additives into your body, you are giving them permission to kill you.


Electronic Cigarettes Can Save Your Life


Electronic cigarettes are the answer that some smokers have been waiting for.  With previous aids, the goal was to quit smoking, and these aids attempted to break the habit of smoking while helping you to slowly wean yourself away from nicotine by decreasing nicotine levels with each progressive step taken with the stop smoking aid.  This didn’t work for everyone, since the habit of smoking still remained.  With electronic cigarettes, however, smokers don’t have to attempt to break the habit of smoking.  The same hand to mouth motions are made, the same inhalation, even the same exhale.  The only difference is that with electronic cigarettes, the additives have been removed, leaving you with only nicotine and the byproduct is a harmless water vapor. See Pax to learn more about vaporizers.


If you are heading to Macau on vacation, the last thing you want to look for is a smoking area.  Instead, enjoy the freedom of enjoying an e-cigarette no matter where you are.  They are less harmful and you don’t have to look for a smoking section.

Take Your Phone Service International

Jun 14th, 2014 by MReed | 0

One of the best ways to guarantee that your phone will work internationally when you travel abroad is to invest in an international SIM card.

International SIM cards are equipped to work on international phone networks so whenever you travel to Mexico, Canada or Europe you can guarantee that you will have affordable phone service and not get stuck paying expensive roaming fees.

Where to Buy International SIM Cards

Thanks to the internet you can find lots of international SIM card deals and well as SIM only deals on phones that will work within your country.

A typical international SIM card costs as low as $5 dollars, just make sure that you read the terms and conditions because, all international SIM cards are not the same. Some will enable you to accept unlimited incoming calls and some will not that’s why it’s always important to verify what you’re buying first before buying it. Unlocking your phone using http://www.theiphone4sjailbreaker.com to access even more.

Does Your Phone Have A SIM Card?

In today’s world, one out of five cell phones on the market doesn’t take a SIM card. To avoid the hassle and confusion of signing up for a SIM only plan only to realize that it won’t work with your phone, just take off your phones battery to see if it contains a SIM card. If it doesn’t contain a SIM card you will need to purchase a SIM only phone from a local store, before signing up for the best SIM only cell phone plan that you can find.

4 Things You Must Know About Getting Sick In A Foreign Country

Nov 9th, 2013 by MReed | 0

You finally saved enough to go on your dream trip to Europe or that African safari. Upon landing you feel a tickle in your throat. Rather than take the time to rest first, your excitement leads to immediate exploration. After you eat that indigenous food a wave of nausea comes over you. For days you are crumbled in a ball in your hotel room. You would like to see a doctor, but are unsure how to go about it. If you had only renewed your prescriptions online at sites like Canadian pharmacy online before you left, you wouldn’t feel so helpless in a foreign country with different looking medications.

Foreign Travel Requires Smart Pre-Planning

Nothing is more aggravating than using up your much anticipated trip time to a foreign country being sick or in pain. There are several important factors to consider. Ahead of your trip research health care providers in the country you are visiting. Three good website resources include, The International Society of Travel Medicine, The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the Joint Commission International. They list reputable doctors who either speak your language or have interpreters that can translate your problem to them.

As part of your recommended travel insurance package is coverage to pay for doctor visits or a hospital stay. If you have not done this you will need to visit the nearest U.S. embassy by researching on the Internet. Reading up on the country you plan to visit will inform you of recommended immunizations to get ahead of time to prevent contracting certain illnesses. Fortifying yourself against colds and flu you can get from crowd exposure is vital. This can be accomplished by pumping up your Vitamin C intake before the trip. Make a list of your medications in case of an emergency so medical personnel can know what you are taking.

Tips To Follow If You Get Sick In Another Country

1.LANGUAGE- Medical professionals might not understand what you are trying to articulate about your pain. If so, leave and keep searching until you find one that understands your language. If it is a serious problem it is wise to return home.
2. DIFFERENT MEDICATIONS-Don’t expect the medications will necessarily be the same type. One woman visiting Japan got powder as a pain medication, since they rarely use pills.
3. AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE-Some countries have socialized medicine. For treatments that normally would be expensive in one country, it may cost zero in another. Sometimes that means you will get better treatment or it may just take longer.
4. CULTURAL MANNERS-Depending on the medical system and the culture, some doctor or dentist offices require you to take off your shoes upon entering. Others don’t have an appointment system, which requires long waits.

Pre-planning for possible sickness is your best bet toward still enjoying your long awaited trip. Observe the culture and chalk up the memories.

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