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Try Out Smokeless Cigarettes On A Macau Vacation

Jun 14th, 2013 by MReed | 0

Cigarette smokers really have a lot to contend with these days.  Every state has become increasingly unfriendly to smokers, giving them less and less area to feed their addiction and the government continues to raise the taxes applied to tobacco products, raising the price of cigarettes as high as ten dollars a pack or even higher, in some areas.  Because of this new hostility, it is no wonder that many people are making the decision to quit smoking and switch over to an e-cigarette.  They are less harmful and you can use them pretty much anywhere without the fear of non-smokers staring daggers at you.  For instance, if you are heading to that dream vacation in Macau, you will see just how much freedom that e-cigarette can give you.




Smoking is a terrible habit that science has continually and effectively shown causes more health problems than can even be named here.  From cancer to heart disease, to emphysema to diabetes, and plenty of other health conditions, cigarettes help you get to your grave more quickly than if you went without them.  For whatever reason, though, smokers continue to suck back that smoke and continue to die on a daily basis from complications due to the health issues caused by cigarettes.  It isn’t just the carbon monoxide in the smoke that kills you, though that does help, but also the additives that the tobacco industry has placed in those cigarettes.  From wood shaving to rat poison, there are almost more additives in a cigarette than tobacco and if you are allowing those additives into your body, you are giving them permission to kill you.


Electronic Cigarettes Can Save Your Life


Electronic cigarettes are the answer that some smokers have been waiting for.  With previous aids, the goal was to quit smoking, and these aids attempted to break the habit of smoking while helping you to slowly wean yourself away from nicotine by decreasing nicotine levels with each progressive step taken with the stop smoking aid.  This didn’t work for everyone, since the habit of smoking still remained.  With electronic cigarettes, however, smokers don’t have to attempt to break the habit of smoking.  The same hand to mouth motions are made, the same inhalation, even the same exhale.  The only difference is that with electronic cigarettes, the additives have been removed, leaving you with only nicotine and the byproduct is a harmless water vapor.


If you are heading to Macau on vacation, the last thing you want to look for is a smoking area.  Instead, enjoy the freedom of enjoying an e-cigarette no matter where you are.  They are less harmful and you don’t have to look for a smoking section.

Covering Your Bases Before Going To Macau

Mar 9th, 2013 by MReed | 0

Are you planning a trip to Macau?  Perhaps you would like to experience the Asian culture.  Perhaps you are just interested in visiting the first and last of the European colonies in Asia.  Whatever the reason, heading to Macau is a big trip that takes some planning.  Even the most attentive of travelers can forget an important item, before travelling.  With a bit of preparation, however, you can avoid making this mistake.


The Plan

Heading to Macau isn’t something that the majority of us can do on a whim.  Instead, it takes months of careful preparation.  Doing as much as you can ahead of time can save you from the headache of those last minute mistakes.  Before you even begin planning, you will need a passport.  Many people begin planning, without their passport only to find out that their online application has been rejected.  Make sure to have this in place and ready, before you even begin.  As you start planning for your trip, it is important to take advantage of any special offers you may be able to find online.  Start by researching the area to determine which areas you would like to visit.  Once you have made this determination, start looking for hotels in the area and possibly attractions you may want to see.


Make a List and Check it Twice

As you are planning, you should make a list of everything that you will need for the trip.  This list is likely to change, as the trip approaches and as new activities are added to your itinerary, but as long as you are keeping tack, this will help immensely.  When making your list, don’t be afraid to add even the most obvious of items!  It may seem insignificant, but there are very few things more frustrating than getting to the airport, just to find that you left your plane tickets on your kitchen table.  As you are packing, grabbing the essentials will be a no-brainer, if you make sure to cross each item from your list, to ensure you have everything you need.


Macau is a gorgeous area, with a rich history that can be felt and seen as you walk through the streets.  The scenery of this wonderful area is meant to be enjoyed and if you have everything you need for the trip, you will be able to enjoy it all the more.

Insuring Your Macau Trip

Sep 17th, 2012 by MReed | 0

Being able to take a trip and go to Macau is going to be a wonderful experience. If you plan on spending more than a few weeks on vacation Macau it is always important that you get your trip insured. The reason you want to have insurance on your trip is because you need to be sure you are covered financially in a few different areas.

Figuring Out What Type Of Insurance To Get

Before you decide to take off on your trip you always need to think carefully about all of the different types of insurance that you have to choose from. Whether it is PPI insurance or calling your local travel agent and finding out what type of insurance is recommended you need to be sure that you have your home insured while you are gone and you also need to make sure your trip is solid and insured.

Enjoying Your Vacation

Once you board the plane it is going to be a wonderful adventure for you and your family. Being able to spend a few weeks away on a trip can be a relaxing experience, but also can be a very educational one if you plan on checking out all of the different sites and adventures. Be sure you take time to enjoy all of the different culture sand food. Your vacation is going to be a spectacular one, so be prepared to have nothing ,but fun. You also should rest assured knowing that you have everything handle on the home front.

Going on vacation can be stressful however if you have handled everything properly and you have all of the insurance that you are required you should be able to relax and truly enjoy your vacation. Insurance is always a good thing.

The Best Macau Souvenirs

Jun 27th, 2012 by MReed | 0

Are you headed to Macau?  This is one of the most popular destinations throughout all of China.  It is full of culture, entertainment, and fun.  Before you leave, make sure to invest in souvenirs.  It’s always nice to have Macau souvenirs to remind you of your vacation.  Here are a few favorite souvenirs that you might enjoy.




Look for unique pottery when you are in Macau.  The city houses some of the most interesting pots and vases.  Many of them are hand crafted.  These special items are a great take home.  They will serve you well long after your trip.  Every time you use them, you will remember visiting this area.  These pieces will also help you to remember the people of the area and the work that they do.  They have many talents in Macau.  Pottery is simply one of them.




While you are in Macau, you might want to invest in a few t shirtsLook for ones that are made in the area.  This way you will be taking home an authentic piece of clothing that will always remind you of the area you visited.  Also, you might want to look for shirts that are synonymous with the Macau culture.  Hello Kitty shirts are a great option for many guests.  And they serve as a fantastic gift for a friend or daughter.


Paper Goods


Finally, make sure to invest in some of the amazing paper creations that come from Macau.  There are many talented artists in the area who design beautiful paper creations.  The paper dolls are a fan favorite.  Many people come to Macau to get a hand crafted paper doll.  These dolls are not only unique, but they are special to all who own them.  People from all over the world have purchased these beautiful dolls.  And they usually buy other paper goods for souvenirs while they are at it.


Spend some time shopping for souvenirs when you are in Macau.  It’s always fun to take home something tangible that will remind you of your trip.  Fortunately, you have several options.  You just have to find the right one.

Top Model Heads to Macau!

Jun 12th, 2012 by MReed | 0

Maybe you missed it, or maybe you didn’t take advantage of the DISH TV deals that are out there, but the show, Top Model, is headed to Macau.  The destination was revealed by Nigel, who received the secret destination in a large fortune cookie.  The models were all very excited to take their talents to Asia.


The Challenge

The models headed to Chee Hon Monastery where they were given a brief history on Chinese astrology by Clement Chen.  Each contestant was given a horoscope to depict and was asked to give themselves a makeover that reflected their sign.  After their time was up, Laura’s simple black sheath won Chen’s heart and she walked away with a spa day.


The next challenge was the photo shoot.  Everyone was required to wear silk dresses and pose elegantly while silkworms inched their way across their bodies.  Alisha was not a fan of the worms, and it became apparent in her photos, which came out stiff and uninteresting.  Laura, who had pet caterpillars as a child, ended up having one of the best pictures she’s had all season.  For that reason, Laura was awarded the best photo.

The Results

After an exciting time in Macau, Catherine’s journey ended as Tyra was not impressed by her dull shots.

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