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Sport Your Supra Shoes In Macau

Aug 16th, 2013 by MReed | 0

Macau is an areaof China that is not as well known. However, it is an area of that country that has many notable sightseeing spots worthy of exploration. And as every traveler knows, walking demands that comfortable footwear is essential.


Historical Journey Of Supra Footwear

Orange County, California native Angel Cabada initially launched his Supra Footwear line in 2005 after having partnered with friends to design clothing. Subsequent conflicts caused a parting of the ways, when he wanted to create gym shoes that were not so bulky. Since he grew up skateboarding, Cabada had a sense of what was missing in the skateboarding community. He thought of the name Supra, because it is Latin for “above and beyond.” When he designed the men’s line Skytops, reviews were negative, but the genuine skaters loved them. Once rappers Jay Z and Little Wayne wore them to the BET Awards, Cabada felt his time had come.

Now they are popular worldwide. Supra Shoes Australia are as popular as they are in Asia, Europe, or the United States and can be ordered online. When traveling to Macau, China there are so many cultural and outdoor activities to participate in that you have to make sure your shoes are fitted properly, before you pack. Due to the vast array of possible choices of where to visit, you need to make sure you pack both the casual Supra and the more dressy styles.


Dressing Stylish For Casual And Dressy Tourism

Some of the casual tourist sites you can visit in Macau include Fisherman’s Wharf, Sun Yat Sen Park, and Senado Square, casual shoes will suffice. For a trip to Macau Tower, A-Ma Temple, the 40-story hotel, casino, and amusement center called Casino at Venetian Macao, or City of Dreams entertainment show, a dressier shoe is required. Walking Tours of the Village of Coloane, Camoes Garden and Grotto, or Macau Golf and Country Club, all require a sturdy shoe, to keep your feet from collapsing from hours of activity.

You can coordinate which days you attend each activity and wear shoes appropriate for that day’s events. No matter what you decide to do, a good pair of shoes shoes will not let you down. Instead they will assist you in learning about another culture and enjoying your trip.

Macau Just Got Better With A Rave Comedy Show

Aug 8th, 2013 by MReed | 0




If you get your thrills from Asian culture, Macau is already pretty amazing. What’s not to love? You might be able to get in to see a great comedian, in one of Macau’s comedy clubs. They might even have somebody performing that is of the same caliber as that comedian that was booked as the corporate entertainment,at last year’s office Christmas party. Remember that guy? He was hilarious!

Where Can You Have A Few Laughs In Macau?

If comedy acts are what you’re looking for in Macau you may want to check out one or more of these:

  • MGM Comedy Club – Lion’s Club
  • The Punch Line Comedy Club
  • Cruise ships in and around Macau

Additionally, comedy clubs have taken on a whole life of their own in Hong Kong in case you can’t find what or who you’re looking for in Macau. If you don’t speak the native languagemake sure that the performances are in English. Fortunately they aren’t hard to find. Many, if not most, of the comedians perform in English and are from all parts of the globe. You may also consider taking in a comedic movie, at one of Macau’s movie theaters. By googling ‘movie theaters in Macau’ you will find over 20 choices in the immediate area alone.

Having More Fun In Macau

If you can stop laughing long enough to make a bet give one of the many gambling locations in Macau a try. Grand Prix car racing, the Playboy Club, the Macau Tower and bungee jumping, greyhound races, sightseeing, Asian cuisine, shops, golf courses, the Venetian, Hard Rock and go-carting are just a few of the other activities that are available when you’re not laughing hysterically at the movies or the comedy clubs… if that is, you dare! (Bungee jumping?!)   Truth be told, casinos number somewhere around 30 or so (Milwaukee, Wisconsin has one). As you can see, gambling really is a huge draw in Macau. It has been compared to not only Las Vegas, but Monte Carlo. What could it hurt to plug just one little slot machine do you suppose?

Throw A Costume Dinner In Macau

Aug 3rd, 2013 by MReed | 0







Partying in Macau? No way! Seriously, isn’t that what you go to Macau for? Of course there is the beach, which simply calls for party on the beach. combined costumes with this and just imagine the fun that could be had by one and all.


What’s On The Menu In Macau

We’ll worry about the costumes later. Right now let’s concentrate on the menu. You could take your cue from some of the more popular restaurants in and around Macau. Much of the cuisine in Macau is centered around Chinese, Portuguese, seafood and bakery (as you will see).

  • Roasted Peking duck, dumplings and vegetables as found at Beijing Kitchen
  • Seafood, Italian wine and pasta at La Cucina Italiana
  • Portuguese and Chinese cuisine with seafood as is served at A Petisquiera
  • Coffee, chocolate and pastry such as those at Ou Mun Café
  • Lord Stow’s Café puts out some of the best bakery found in Macau


Not Imaginative When It Comes To Dress Up?

Stop driving back and forth past the display windows at the costume shop. Simply open up your laptop and visit an online custom shop. Now you can sit comfortably in your home and check out fancy dress ideas, retro costumes, inexpensive costumes, plus size costumes costumes for couples, costumes for boys or for girls, costumes for men, costume ideas for women, baby costumes and costumes for your toddler… and of course good old-fashioned Halloween themed costumes.


When it comes to costumes for women these dress-up ideas run the gamut all the way from cartoon characters, fairies, rock stars, divas, Disney characters, ballerinas, royalty, all the way to sexy and sultry, historical, sports personalities, superheroes (hello Wonder Woman and Xena), Mardi Gras, a bride, and Angel, a vampire, a witch, Gothic and more. But you may say we’re in Macau. And you would be right! so maybe we’re looking more toward the skimpier costumes that show a little more and inhibit a little less. The weather is certainly perfect for it! You could be a beach babe from the old 50s movies with Frankie and Annette. You can be a beauty queen from any one of the beauty contests that used to litter the T.V. airwaves and Elvira – Mistress Of the Dark is always a winner.


Hey! If you’re brave enough you might even go as your favorite character from Baywatch – boob job optional. What? Oh like you weren’t thinking that!

Prevent Sleepless Nights Before Heading To Macau

Jul 5th, 2013 by MReed | 0

When you finally get a chance to go on vacation, it certainly can’t hurt to do everything in your power to make sure that it goes well.  Make all of your plans far in advance, so that there won’t be any hitches, at the last minute.  But, what if you are a troubled sleeper?  Lack of sleep can cause any number of problems in humans.


Some Staggering Statistics


Over 40 million people suffer from some type of chronic sleep disorder.  In fact 62% of the population suffers sleep issues even just a few nights of the week.  Over $18 billion of productivity is lost annually due to employee sleep loss annually.  More than 5% of the population suffer from sleep apnea, alone.  If you posed the entire population of the United States this question “ in the last year, have you experienced insomnia?” more than 30% of them would say yes.  And a loss of sleep is more than simply inconvenient, frustrating and irritating – sleepless nights are unhealthy.  Should you be fortunate enough to stay healthy regardless of your sleepless nights you still stand a chance of being hurt or killed in an automobile accident, as a result of a loss of sleep.  More than 40,000 crashes a year are attributed to sleep deprivation.  And insomnia for whatever reason, which is a relatively general term, affects more than a staggering 70 million individuals every year.  On to your vacation. 


Give Me One Good Reason Why I Should Visit Macau?


I’ll do better than that, I’ll give you 10.  If you’re a race fan there are already two reasons for you to visit this little corner of the world.  Grand Prix racing and the greyhound track – and yes there is betting on the greyhounds.  If you are a history buff you can cover approximately 400 years of Portuguese and Chinese history.  You can shop till you drop in Macau and appreciate the crazy low prices on high quality and big-name goods.  Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and various philosophies of the Chinese can be explored and worshiped at the local temple.  Just because an 1835 fire destroyed it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit the ruins at São Paulo Cathedral.


In addition to the previously mentioned opportunity for history buffs, Macau has its own historical significance to be explored and enjoyed, as should be the Macanese cuisine.  If betting on the greyhounds wasn’t enough for you, the casinos certainly should be.  And finally, mixing Asian mythologies, water stunts, acrobatics, dance and theater is the show at the house of dancing water – this should not be missed.


Now all of that may not trip everyone’s proverbial trigger, but it’s bound to hold something that is of interest to you.  Why miss out on all the fun, beauty, culture, and history that can be experienced by a visit to Macau, just because you have trouble sleeping at night?

Covering Your Bases Before Going To Macau

Mar 9th, 2013 by MReed | 0

Are you planning a trip to Macau?  Perhaps you would like to experience the Asian culture.  Perhaps you are just interested in visiting the first and last of the European colonies in Asia.  Whatever the reason, heading to Macau is a big trip that takes some planning.  Even the most attentive of travelers can forget an important item, before travelling.  With a bit of preparation, however, you can avoid making this mistake.


The Plan

Heading to Macau isn’t something that the majority of us can do on a whim.  Instead, it takes months of careful preparation.  Doing as much as you can ahead of time can save you from the headache of those last minute mistakes.  Before you even begin planning, you will need a passport.  Many people begin planning, without their passport only to find out that their online application has been rejected.  Make sure to have this in place and ready, before you even begin.  As you start planning for your trip, it is important to take advantage of any special offers you may be able to find online.  Start by researching the area to determine which areas you would like to visit.  Once you have made this determination, start looking for hotels in the area and possibly attractions you may want to see.


Make a List and Check it Twice

As you are planning, you should make a list of everything that you will need for the trip.  This list is likely to change, as the trip approaches and as new activities are added to your itinerary, but as long as you are keeping tack, this will help immensely.  When making your list, don’t be afraid to add even the most obvious of items!  It may seem insignificant, but there are very few things more frustrating than getting to the airport, just to find that you left your plane tickets on your kitchen table.  As you are packing, grabbing the essentials will be a no-brainer, if you make sure to cross each item from your list, to ensure you have everything you need.


Macau is a gorgeous area, with a rich history that can be felt and seen as you walk through the streets.  The scenery of this wonderful area is meant to be enjoyed and if you have everything you need for the trip, you will be able to enjoy it all the more.

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