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The Hottest Casinos in Macau

Feb 24th, 2012 by MReed | 0

Assuming that you can come in off the beach long enough to participate in a little bit of friendly competition that doesn’t involve beach volleyball or sand castles; Macau has some of the world’s greatest casinos.

Where To Go And What To Do

According to some of the Internet’s best travel websites, here are some of the top casino/hotels in Macau: Pousada Marina Infante-surrounded by beaches and water; Venetian Hotel-40 floors high in a trendy neighborhood; Grand Emperor Hotel-great location and even better price; Wynn Macau-so well known and desirable it needs no advertising; and Hotel Lisboa-picture Chinese and Vegas combined.

If One Armed Bandits Aren’t Your Thing

Not everyone gets a big kick out of sitting in front of a machine and watching little pieces of fruit spin around. It can get monotonous. So is anyone up for a hot hand or two (or 10) of blackjack games? Both small spenders and big spenders alike can saunter up to a table, find a seat and jump right in. You may be wondering do good blackjack players need to practice in order to be successful? Well, practice makes perfect but there is something to be said for luck too. So if you know how to win at blackjack, you are ahead of the game.

It is highly suggested however that if you’re going to play blackjack you know what you’re doing. Nothing frustrates players who do know what they’re doing more than someone who doesn’t. Another tip is to not spend more on the game than you intend to spend, how much should you bring to the blackjack table? Not any more than you can afford to chance.

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